Anti Counterfeit Solution

02 May

To get the very best anti counterfeit solution take a look at the Aisces website today.

They offer a cloud based technology so nothing to download.

This way you can rest safe in the knowledge your brand is protected.

They call the technology CHEQBRAND which you can install right now over at the website.

Anti Counterfeit Solution

So what does this all singing all dancing technology do?

The cloud based platform will protect your brand against fake counterfeit goods.

How It Works.....

Customers can install the app on their phone and scan labels on your products to know instantly if they are real or fake.

The technology is 100% secure and will help your business fight against counterfeit goods.

Not only does it help your business, it helps your customers too.

Some brands can be easy to replicate and very difficult to spot a fake.

With the click of your phone you can take care of all thins quickly.

This will give your customers peace of mind they are buying 100% real branded goods, and not fake ones.

So what do you get with the system?

  • Unique ID per label.
  • Track and Trace Label.
  • Serialization label.
  • Bank grade encryption and security.

The track and trace function is great for supply chain management.

You will be able to add a unique ID for each label.

The ID can be used for serialization of each SKU.

The tech also has capability to host your brand’s contests or promotional campaigns.

The Economic Effects Of Counterfeit And Pirated Goods

The SMS-based anti counterfeit solution technology works when customers scratch off a special layer covering a unique ID, which they can then send off in a free text message to a special hotline number for verification on the authenticity of the medicine. This works in conjunction with web based verification system or asms based verification system, whereby the farmer can send an SMS to a phone number to validate the authenticity of the product. So, before buying the latest operating system or graphics programme, remember that it will most likely not work fully. These websites were set up to dupe consumers into unknowingly buying counterfeit goods as part of the holiday shopping season. Nicole Semjevski from EU Observatory on the infringement of IP rights (now part of EUIPO) reminded the room of the fantastic resource that the EUIPO has developed in the form of the Enforcement Database (EDB). You can also contact the rights owner to find out whether you are authorized to sell the item. The China conundrum aside there is no question that your company must raise its profile with the governmental and non-governmental agencies battling counterfeiting in China and take certain steps outside the litigation realm to ensure that your interests are protected.

However, with international law being a can of worms, speedily shutting these guys down will take time. If there is no customs watch in place, can customs still take action? But that hasn’t prevented such items from showing up there. There is an abundance of corporate companies, as well as opportunistic individuals, throughout the world who rely heavily on wholesale dropship electronics products for their online or bricks-and-mortar businesses with the anti counterfeit solution. This study does not specify which industries are covered or whether it includes piracy, and does not explain the linear proportion between trade and counterfeiting for the world or the United States. This includes the use of recognised images of reputable companies such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. One counterfeit product is sufficient to obtain a TRO which can freeze all of the money in the account eg PayPal or Alipay. Don’t think you can afford the real thing? I can’t go into detail, because we don’t want the opposition reading it,” Mr Herron says with a smile. Why would a consumer want to report counterfeiters and help law firms and law enforcement protect the intellectual property of fashion houses and luxury brands? If you are running a legitimate business you lose sales because of competition from both genuine goods manufacturers as well as counterfeiters.

Manufacturers with patents have long been subject to intellectual property theft, which is now a cornerstone of the ongoing trade war with China. If you have more than one version of the same logo, define where each one of them is to be used, and why. Why should you avoid counterfeit goods? Drugs, clothes, cosmetics, luxury items, toys, collectables and wine, the list of goods susceptible to this brand of fraud is seemingly never ending. Unsurprisingly, Volvo's primary enforcement focus is around product safety but areas such as counterfeit merchandise are still a problem and can damage the brand. Blockchain technology can be extremely effective in confirming provenance and authenticity of assets,” said Bruce Anderson, global managing director, electronics industry, IBM. In other words, Cypheme’s technology looks at the unique fingerprint of a piece of paper. China may seem like a strange place for a company working at the forefront of anti counterfeit solution technology, but Garcia-Cotte explained China is where the technology is needed the most.

However the technology is not known to contain a second level of information, therefore we awarded 4 points. By publishing proof of publication using cryptographic hashes of files into block chain takes the notary timestamping to new level. I love using it on my insect bites and works well in soothing my lips whenever I get cold sores. Also, some of the strap buckles on knock-offs appear to be using metal — this is not normal! If any listing has a false or misleading description of what the item truly is, then we will consider it to be fake, and is therefore not allowed on eBay. It is possible that Watsons required the importer to put seals on the product to prevent unwarranted trial of the item and exposing it to contamination. Collectors / buyers would buy more genuine Lego. Genuine coats will always display even stitching that’s usually done by machine. An iteration of Operation In Our Sites (IOS), Cyber Monday 3 seized 101 websites and yielded one arrest.

In one word: EVERYTHING. The information obtained from the watch also serves as useful intelligence for dealing with grey imports, as well as counterfeits. This page serves to inform consumers about brand counterfeits and explain the efforts Lacoste has taken to protect the authenticity of its brand. Be the dominant brand. Removing websites that sell fraudulent goods is not an unusual event: Online security specialists and a regulatory body called ICANN make a pretty formidable match against these bad actors. The uniqueness and security of the cyber gene can't be authorized, which is different from password or other forms. This is seen as a major cause of the escalation of the trade in counterfeit goods. Examine the quality of the goods. The illegitimate software, for example, may contain malicious programming code that could interfere with computers' operations or violates users' privacy. Demand satisfaction. You’re legally entitled to a legitimate version or a refund.

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